My Early Days

For the days that follow the night
Only to follow it again
To rise and move and then keep moving
Never quitting, never learning your lesson
Triumphing again and again
Being defeated again and again
We are never nothing
We are human and more than


How do I poke my head out for fresh air?
When I’m scared to fashion everything I am
And my heart isn’t strong enough to take on more
Because more repels
And home has my share
Though my lungs would like it
Oh mostly my hands
To create freely
Sometimes, I’m just a little lent over
To the good side
Just a little keeping at bay the doubts that
Grip you on a bridge
Over loud waters, leading to the next day
On those days that follow the night
I catch the sun beaming for the minutes that it passes over me
When I happen to be out, working with my hands
At noon, I hold myself warm till I can be
I catch myself on an afternoon walk, if only eternal