In the midnight hour

​I know it too. 

To be scared of losing something before it begins.

Of never knowing the warmth of a touch upon yours. 

Of missing out on what could have been your best.

Come, let the night pass, the worry will too. And the light of the sun, when it comes, will tear at your distress and the ruling of the day will belittle these nocturnal thoughts. 

Let’s not heed to the call of the midnight hour any more. 

Let’s not be part-time poets and philosophers musing over thoughts that invite themselves upon the drop of silence. 

Let’s go to sleep. You won’t lose me overnight. 

Strong Woman, the song.

I wrote this a year back.

Mizael DeRosario composed the melody and lent his voice to these words. Thank you, Miz. Will always love you.

Posting this now isn’t a result of delay, it’s just perfect timing.



You know where your hair ends. And you know where your back begins
Under its horizons, where your blades sing
But only I know you
Were made for love
Parts and pieces I’ve seen as you show
Strong strong woman
Hand held out for me, because your touch heals
Wiping away hurt, you’ve stained my shirt. And I know you’ve been here before
Won’t you come here
I’ve written songs for you
Come like you always do
Strong strong woman
You don’t dance or sing
But I’ve seen your soul
And you’re beautiful
For a while and longer
Hold me and don’t be strong
Strong strong woman
And steal my eyes, take them with you
And show me perspective, a new world where I’ve always lived
And we’ll scratch our names everywhere
And on walls, I’ll paint your picture
And now, I’ve seen your core
And now, I know more of you today
Strong strong woman.
Body shaped to hold
Sold! I’m yours.