Why did you light a fire?

Look at the flame

Can you see its heart?

Persistent and contained

As you stand above it

Overpowering and sure of yourself

Over a wick that has been lit

By you.


Mystified, wide eyed

Lost in its beauty

In its gentle glow

Taking away your oxygen

Aging, burning, growing

Steady and slow

And sure. Sure.

It will grow

It will consume

It won’t cease with ease

It will intoxicate you with a perfume

It will crumple and crease

Your mind

As you loom

Over its kind

Just because you were curious

You thought you found fire that can be yours

Your fire? Yours?

To change and perfect?

To trim to neat?

You cheat, you fake

Go ahead and take

A step back. Run away

Because you opened the wrong door

You drew a line you can’t toe

Remember you lit a wick and then let it go.


Why did you light a fire?

You can’t handle fires.




(Be Cheeky)

Stop body shaming

I am wholeness in flesh

My voluptuous body with every inch meant to be.

I don’t ornament myself

I am the perfect canvas for creativity.

I don’t dress to impress

I dress to embrace dignity.

And at all times I be

I smile

Always, sometimes invisibly.

I live within

My skin

And it’s a pleasure to wake up and find

Little changes upon and within.

I boldly bear to the sun

Oh entity, there you timidly

Sit at a distance.

Turned onto me

With awe and reverent secrecy

Lest my eye catch yours

It would blind your brilliance.