Palette Part V

Black (Hair)


Something that isn’t impersonal in the least

It familiarizes itself with the effector

Making its impact as deep as scars

Which is embedded in the skin so

Prominent even after the wound has healed.

No matter how manipulated

Its original still retained.

My hands shall never forget you.

Its feel memorized into my palms.

Hair makes its impact. Unable to

Hide itself, it shows truth for a change.

********** || **********

It’s my hands I pity.

They still feel memories of a former day

Like staccato waves of a phantom touch.

They hollow and itch in an absence

Unable to grasp much.


3 thoughts on “Palette Part V

  1. I love how you take the mundane and turn it into extraordinary. I love how you so beautifully put down what we feel but do not realize…

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