Palette Part V

Black (Hair)


Something that isn’t impersonal in the least

It familiarizes itself with the effector

Making its impact as deep as scars

Which is embedded in the skin so

Prominent even after the wound has healed.

No matter how manipulated

Its original still retained.

My hands shall never forget you.

Its feel memorized into my palms.

Hair makes its impact. Unable to

Hide itself, it shows truth for a change.

********** || **********

It’s my hands I pity.

They still feel memories of a former day

Like staccato waves of a phantom touch.

They hollow and itch in an absence

Unable to grasp much.


Through Photographs (people, again)

Heyyyyyy you!

Exams have kept me away from blogging but not from writing and there’s a ton of poems and a few short stories that I wanna share with you. But I’ve been sitting on these pictures for so long I think they deserve release.

These include photographs that I’ve clicked over February, here in Mumbai and Panchgani. I’ve noticed how attracted my camera is to people and life, maybe because they all have stories that need sharing; stories that their skin documents. I’ve got stories too, but for today I’ll tell them through photographs.

( Psst, the first seven are unedited (; )


Clarissa and Joanna – mid story telling

DSC_1912DSC_1528_Fotor   DSC_1891


She likes the rock, I like the tones, it made it on the blog.


He didn’t like me very much.


I am such a goofball. Or at least in the goof mood.

I love y’all !!!! Until my next post….. BYE!!!!!!!!!! teehee.

❤ ❤ Tan.