Palette Part IV

BLACK (The Crow)

“They just don’t like me, Robin.

The humans, I mean

And I just can’t seem to figure out why.


He sat on the wire

Staring at the diminishing figure of the robin in flight

And sighed.


Palette Part III



What names would they christen him with

If they’d see him sit

At the table, drinking his milk

Upon mummy’s silk

Skirt, alert!

A cause for caution.


No proof should display

No lead to hound

Upon commencing his play

On the playground

And thus his lip must be wiped down.


Stage: lain

Manfulness: feigned

A child made to drink his milk.


Knotted looks of little mens’ business

Overlooked by her care

No eye shall know this bargain

Lest they capture, they capture a good share.