Palette Part II

I’ve been tossing this idea (Palette) around in my books for a while now, shifting it to new pages in different sections working out a way I could go about with it. It all started when I came across one colour in its deepest hues embodied in the most banal things; furniture, jewelry, fabric. What my hands couldn’t get, my eyes took in. So I used my hands to do this instead; in this form and in these words. This extra ration came out through poetry. That was almost a year back and that colour was blue.

The speaker in the poem is a man. Not me. Just postscript.


Rich blue hues and an open window

Fixed in gold around her fingers. Midday in summer

She was swathed in blue, full nine yards. Sheathed.

She dropped her head and crinkled her nose,

Looked at me sideways and smiled

For she was not impervious to the light.

The nimbo pani stained the oak

Her lips stained the glass

She drank up and my eyes drank her in, smile and all.

“Chalo?” she asked

“Haan, chabiya kaha hai?”

– Tanishka Dlyma.

For the Palette Part I –


4 thoughts on “Palette Part II

  1. If I were to describe this in food terms I’d say it’s like a good chocolate mousse – pleasant on the pallet 🙂
    This poem is pleasant to read 🙂 You’ll get what I’m saying… hehehehe

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