New friends in Coorg

Can I blame it on technical difficulty? It’s been too long and I’m sorry.

I would have liked to say that I’ve been a good blogger and have been working on my posts during the “technical detox” period. Would’ve liked to say. Sigh. But no, I did not blissfully waste all of my time. I did read a tonne, paint a gallon and helped around the house with a handful of chores. If not a good blogger, at least a good girl.

However, whiling away the vacations with Rohinton Mistry, Mini Shrinivasan, Elie Wiesel and a Tea Obreht which I’ve been neglecting, sitting next to undried canvases and unwashed brushes in an empty Nutella jar of dirty bluish grey water, I’ve been mentally working, at least, on what I could type, tell and show you. A few photographs? Another Notes To You? Or maybe I’ll complete that poem and fulfil a promise to new friends.

We went to Coorg. We ditched the pollution and heat, and for a couple of days it was hello to clean air and pleasant weather and goodbye to everything in Mumbai that makes us dislike Mumbai. Coorg was fun! It’s a beautiful place and a wonderful escape from the city. I could go on and on about the location and the food and the activities that the hotel had in store for us – mountain biking, pottery classes, zip lines… but the one element that really made this vacation a refreshing one was the people we met; our new friends who to welcome us went much further than their jobs required them to. New friends who allowed us to become friends over the course of a two hour bike ride. New friends who while exchanging stories of snake encounters, which berries you should stay away from and facts we never knew about the humongous rainforest, also exchanged numbers. And definitely new friends who went back centuries in time to tell us about the food we were stuffing ourselves with, while we stuffed ourselves with it. Friendly folk who wouldn’t mind taking us to the back of the store to show us how they grind coffee or even posing for a picture (Okay, in my case, 10 pictures), who also left us in his store with assistants saying he had to go home to eat his lunch. No, in my books, that wasn’t rude at all. Yes, we had a lovely time and all thanks to the kind people in Coorg.

So here’s a post for new friends made in a new place. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness.


Converse, Good Acquaintance

I saw a man in the distance

I wouldn’t have, but he smiled

A smile is something most welcomed

When in another land


I spoke to this man and his people

And made their acquaintance

He spoke to me about what he’d seen

And I told him about what I know


Till noon we wrapped our heads around

A new part of the world; each others’