Food Photography

The one thing that I stumbled into was photography and thanks to my sister’s passion for food, I stumbled again, into food photography.

Its been a year since I’ve been the official photographer for her food blog – – which was nominated by the FBAI for best single photo blog (:  Over the course of that one year, food photography has become a style close to me and simply because Kay has brought home food in a new perspective, which makes me want to capture her every moment in the kitchen – her sincere and honest approach to food, (She talks to her food, yes. “Be safe in the oven little cookie dough.”) her delight in food and cooking, the way her hands work the dough, the joy that surrounds her as she brings together not only ingredients but also the entire family and of course the wholesome result. It sustains the ‘hand-in-search-of-camera’ drive in me.

Among all styles in photography, she is the one who inspired me in this genre. So here’s to my chef sister, something everybody should have in their lives – A chef and a sister. Thank you for your encouragement and for believing in me. I love you.








new 10

It’s going to be Black and White Wednesday everyone! I’m entering the photographs in this week’s post for BWW ! Wish me luck (:


9 thoughts on “Food Photography

  1. Every time I look at your pictures and read posts from the treat truck, it makes me feel like I’m browsing through a food magazine. Your pictures not only look good but it looks real. Food deffineitely brings the family together but chasing you for your camera to look at your pics also does that. ;).
    All the best for your competition you taleneted little one.

  2. More often than not I’m lost for words when I read your posts and look at the photographs you take, mainly because I’m astonished at your level of talent. But, this time I have some something to say to you – Thank You! You make my blog look beautiful and professional, better than I imagined it to be, it encourages me to cook more professionally too… so again I say Thank You! ❤

    All the best for the Black and White competition! 🙂

  3. Ms. D’lyma.. another wonderful post after a really long time!
    As usual you put in your best with each post you put up here… I can see the trouble n hard gone into making this yet another brilliant post. Be it the writing or the Photography.. love it!
    All the best for Wednesday! You’ll surely do well.
    Looking forward to your next post soon 🙂

  4. Wow Tan 🙂 I have read your post atleast three times and browsed through every photograph over and over again. Can’t believe our little Tanishka has grown so much, and in an absolutely fabulous way.So much of feeling in the writing and the love and admiration for your older sister (who is equally great and talented) makes me want to come and give you both a big hug; and the photographs speak for themselves – so very natural.
    I’m very proud of you and I wish you good luck for your competition 🙂 xx

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  6. Well to be honest i haven’t followed too many blogs(not much of a reader you see :P) as i have followed hues and words and the treat truck and the reason i read up your blogs is because its simply amazing 🙂 Kay’s lovely food and tan’s beautiful writing and photography is something i truely admire 🙂 wishing you luck and best wishes for the competition tan! ❤

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