People – Part 1

We seem different, maybe on the outside, but we aren’t actually. Here’s so from a photographer’s view. When asked for our picture to be taken we all, and I’ve noticed, get into a tried and tested pose, quickly run fingers through hair and finally after a little rearrangement in our seat or replacement of the buttocks, we smile and in extreme cases pout. And just because the photographer’s hands are on the camera doesn’t mean she’s in a hurry. Quickly angling yourself to hide that what you didn’t have time for in the morning. You were in a hurry then but not now. Take your time, straighten out that crease, undo and redo your hair and breathe; I’ll wait…

Here are a few shots of friends; some who are new, others who are perpetual victims of my lens. (Their every movement under perfect scrutiny muahahaha)








The Preoccupied Old Men








15 thoughts on “People – Part 1

  1. How many R’s aRe theRe in this sentence? I’d say three. =P
    Sorry I had to. All I can say really awesome stuff. Keep it up (=

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