Notes To You – 2#

It’s been a long time since my last post. And there’s been a lot of writing, clicking and camera caressing since that time but I thought instead of a usual post, maybe it’s time for another ‘Notes To You’, my second one.

I’ve loved and have been writing since what feels like forever. And, I can tell you the exact time when forever started.

It was standard five and Miss Theresa Pinto was walking around a silent examination hall, supervising. We had this thing where we would all try to finish writing our papers as soon as we could leaving us time to doodle on the question paper; a tradition we carried on from the primary section. I don’t remember what paper it was but after writing it, I do remember sitting on the last bench of the middle row of our class with a pencil in my hand and all the possibilities in front of me; a blank side of the question paper. And out of all those possibilities, I chose to write the lyrics to “Follow me” by Uncle Kracker just because I couldn’t get that song out of my head. The lyrics, only the chorus; chanced upon, read and appreciated by Miss Theresa, was thought by her to be a poem penned down by me…. “What?! Me?? Hahah nooo….” is what I should have said when she suggested I write for the school magazine but she had already moved on with her supervision.

That was it. Now I had to write something (mostly because her suggestion was more like “You’re writing for the school magazine and I’m telling the principle that you are.”) and why not… a simple ‘roses are red’ would be fine, right? So I got home and after what still pushes me today, encouragement for my mother, I got to writing. I started with what I always start with till today, a prayer, and wrote my first poem titled ‘The Love of God’

Standard five, Miss Theresa Pinto, encouraging mum (an amazing writer herself) and faith; members of a plan all strung together by God. What Miss Theresa started; supportive parents, family and friends continued.

Since then, there’s been writing of more poems, a collection of notebooks- a few filled and a lot waiting to be, crumpled sheets pushed into the corners of pockets with thoughts written down illegibly to be later expanded upon. And some of them end up here shared with all of you.

Well, that’s my story… as for photography? Maybe in another ‘Notes To You’.

For now here are a few pictures to brighten up the page. Hope you like them 🙂








Tanishka ❤


12 thoughts on “Notes To You – 2#

  1. Notes To You! a wonderful joy reading it! I have witnessed you writing where ever in class.. canteen you love to write n. me as a reader love to read! can’t wait for your next post

  2. Finally I could read and understand at the same time..hehe! So simple and beautiful and the same simplicity and beauty can be seen in your pics too 🙂 Enjoyed!

  3. woah! pretty cool story ya! how one small thing gave birth to one hell of a talent!!
    awesome clicks btw! u shud enroll for photography competitions! u really click well!!

  4. Thanks for all the tiny little notes and cute poems that u write for me. RIght frm ur 1st article that was published till this very day i hav kept all these articles safely.Continue to write .

  5. Oh my cookies! You were finishing your paper fast so you could doodle!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really now!!!!!!!

    Ok, on a serious note… this is beautiful and bright and I love the complexity in the simplicity of this post ❤

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