Sit with Me

Forget everything
Let everything not exist, thus not matter
Only you in His presence
You and God in prayer
Sitting together
With every conscious part of you focused on Him.

Everything started with God
It sustained by His grace
It ends when He wills
So also He breathed, in you, life
And with you on your journey He is
Your journey according to His will
Your life lived and left to go to Him.

And then, O Lord, You and I shall sit
Just as we sit here now
I, in Your glorious presence.

                                                                     – Tanishka.




14 thoughts on “Sit with Me

  1. Beautifully written Tan, I’m so impressed by the writing…love the photographs, esp the 2nd one..proud of you 🙂

  2. Too embarrassed to write it on public forum that I had to read it some infinite no.of times to get each and every word and too proud to say how beautiful it is:) God bless us all!

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