The Spy Series

I spied.

Yes, I did.

I stood at the window with my 55-200 mm lens and spied on the afternoon labourers working, roving or maybe returning home.

I stood there with the intent of capturing ‘a gist’ from the lives of people as they happen to chance by my window with intents of their own. With not much happening in the afternoon, the streets belong to those busy bees with no option but to continue working during the sun’s peak. On their way and getting there or stopping by to rest; they all seemed to be in that ‘calm rush’ Mumbai is known for. Bothered by the heat and unaware of my camera, they became the perfect subjects.

Here’s a few from my spy series. I hope you like them!




What caught my attention was his wristwatch and dust-clad shoes.

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Sit with Me

Sit with Me

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